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Medicare eligible beneficiaries
With over 30 years in the health insurance and benefits business and having been licensed since 1989, I'm here to help Medicare beneficiaries in Texas navigate their Medicare eligibility and benefit options.

Insurance Industry Professionals
Available to assist appropriate business clients throughout the United States with short term and interim projects including RFP consulting.

Paula Lanigan (Owner / Licensed Agent)

Linda Wind

"I was introduced to Paula when I became Medicare eligible and have been her clent for serveral years. She has a "PhD" in the health insurance industry and is always available to help me with any questions. I elected to enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan which has worked well for me. Paula makes sure during open enrollment that my Part D prescription drug plan is the most efficient and cost effective option for me. I recommend her services without hesitaton.”

Dick Gromell

"I met Paula through a social organization and knew that she was a licensed agent helping Medicare beneficiaries. I was already enrolled in a Medicare Supplement plan but my premiums were going over $300 per month. I asked Paula if she could help me lower my premiums. Due to my good health and Paula's pre-screening, Paula was able to assist me with the medical underwriting process with another major carrier and I was accepted and made the change. This change literally cut my Medicare Supplement premium in half. Paula also assisted me in finding a less expensive Part D prescrition drug plan that also saved me money.”

George & Merideth Schenk

"We met Paula when we moved from Oregon to Texas several years ago. We were already Medicare eligible and Paula helped us select the Medicare Advantage option that best matched our provider, health and financial needs. During open enrollment, she helps us evaluate our options and assists us with any changes. And, if we have any questions, Paula will always find the answer, easing what can be a frustrating process”